Our Companies

We have grown a lot in the last six years. We now have four subsidiary companies, each in the media sector. Our investment has increased and so has our workforce. Here are some of our businesses.

1. Teabag Film Workshop


This company provides training courses for animators and filmmakers. The courses are suitable for both adult and young people. We have our state-of-the-art studio. We even offer courses in schools and colleges. Some of the films we have helped to produce were screened in international film festivals. Every year we work with more than 1000 filmmakers to help them produce films. We provide training on the creative use of digital technology, which includes animation techniques, after effects, etc.

2. Teabag Radio


It is a commercial radio that extends to 15 stations across New York and Indiana. Every week, million of people ar reached. The radio plays the best music. Celebrity guests appear every day. Most people in New York and Indiana start their day with Teabag Radio. Some great presenters keep you entertained all the time. Local breakfast and drivetime shows, coupled with national programming from Leicester Square at other times of day, including Saturdays with Emma Bunton, means Global Radio offers the national brand of Heart, delivered both nationally and locally – the best of both worlds.

3. Teabag Poet’s Lounge


This is a platform where poets and other artists meet. Various events are organized here. The local community people participate and show their talents.

All these companies are growing and have created a strong foothold. We are looking forward to investing in more similar ventures.