Dividends are Great, but Avoid High Yields | Trading Data Science

Dividends are Great, but Avoid High Yields | Trading Data Science

Over the last 20 years, approximately 50% of the S&P 500’s returns came from dividends and not capital appreciation. Dr. Data (Michael Rechenthin, PhD) provides evidence that shows a sound strategy to buy dividend stocks and sell implied volatility out-of-the-money (OTM) calls against the position (which reduces cost basis), but stocks with high dividend yields should be approached with caution.

A graph of the dividend yield of the S&P 500 dividend paying stocks (80% of the index components) was displayed. The graph included a note that 50 of the dividend stocks yielded greater than 4%, and one (WMB) pays a yield of 16%.

A graph comparing dividend yield versus market capitalization on the S&P 500 was displayed. The graph showed that the more stable companies don’t have the largest dividend yields and that the stocks that did have high yields had them because their stock price dropped, sometimes by a lot. When you pick high dividend stocks, such as ones more than 4%, you may just end up picking stocks that are underperforming.

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When to Hire Employees?

When to Hire Employees?

► Q: How does a startup know when to add staff? What positions are most crucial to line up first?

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Carlos Slim on Business, Investing and Entrepreneurship

Carlos Slim on Business, Investing and Entrepreneurship

An interview with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. In this interview Carlos covers many topics but mostly focuses on business and his career in it. Carlos discusses his time in business and gives unique insights, useful for any business person or investor. Carlos also discusses poverty and how he believes it should be tackled. The interview covers these topics and so much more, all video segments can be found below.

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Video Segments:
0:13 Insurance & Telecommunications business
5:15 Capitalising on the privatisation of the telephone service
7:07 Foresight or destiny?
9:32 The next opportunity
14:38 The future
19:00 The future of civilisation
23:41 Is it important for someone in business to understand history?
24:23 Born and raised in Mexico City
26:31 What were you like as a child?
28:11 Carlos father being an immigrant from Lebanon
29:37 Childhood heroes
31:30 Becoming an engineer
32:36 Getting started on the road to success
35:46 Is making underperforming companies profitable an instinct?
39:50 What gave you the courage to buy a failing business in the 80’s?
45:21 Challenges from Telefonica
47:41 The operating principles of Grupo Carso
50:25 The pressure of managing an enormous enterprise
53:50 Building a business from 1 to 100,000 customers
56:55 Has studying engineering helped you to evaluate opportunities & risk?
59:59 Which is more important for success, instinct or experience?
1:03:09 What has enabled you to succeed as a entrepreneur and investor?
1:08:09 What do you know about achievement now that you didn’t know when you were starting out?
1:11:22 Balancing career and family life
1:12:52 The fathers and sons business weekend
1:15:21 Working as a teacher
1:21:35 Was there a moment of discovery in your career?
1:23:07 An entrepreneurial approach to social problems
1:25:50 How do you account for your success?
1:30:20 How do you want to be remembered?
1:35:53 A new paradigm to address poverty

Interview Date: June 11th, 2004 & December 2nd, 2007
Event: Academy of Achievement
The Academy of Achievement interview supporting document: http://bit.ly/CarlosSlimAoA
Original Image Source:http://bit.ly/CarlosSlim1

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Focusing on Long Term Investment Results — What Investors Need to Know

Focusing on Long Term Investment Results — What Investors Need to Know

Laurence D. Fink, chairman and chief executive officer of BlackRock, the largest asset management company in the world, discusses monetary and economic policy, oil, the global market outlook for central banks, investing for the long term (both individuals and corporations), and fiduciary obligations of both asset owners and asset managers.

From the 2014 New York Times DealBook Conference

Why You Should Switch Jobs Every Three Years

Why You Should Switch Jobs Every Three Years

Some employers are suggesting that workers change jobs every three years or so. They say if an employee sticks at a company too long it can build complacency. Those who change companies from time to time show a willingness to learn and an ability to adapt. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian hosts of The Young Turks discuss.

How long have you been in your job? Do you think you should switch every few years? Let us know in the comments below.

Read more here: http://www.fastcompany.com/3055035/the-future-of-work/you-should-plan-on-switching-jobs-every-three-years-for-the-rest-of-your-

“Changing jobs every couple of years used to look bad on a resume. It told recruiters you can’t hold down a job, can’t get along with colleagues, or that you’re simply disloyal and can’t commit.

That stigma is fast becoming antiquated—especially as millennials rise in the workplace with expectations to continuously learn, develop, and advance in their careers. This sentiment is different than the belief of past generations that you cling to an employer over a lifetime in the hopes that your long-term employer will treat you fairly in the end with a matching 401(k) plan, among other benefits.”


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Luxury Brands That Are Actually Worth Your Money

Luxury Brands That Are Actually Worth Your Money

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It seems like just about everywhere we go these days, there’s a company trying to get our attention to sell us something. Whether it’s an outfit in a department store window, a 10-page spread of inserts in your magazine, or an eyeshadow palette splattered across Instagram, we’re constantly being marketed to. But what about those luxury brands that many of us have never had the pleasure of experiencing? You might have to pinch your hard-earned pennies to afford them, but here are a handful of fancy brands that are actually worth the occasional splurge…

Armani Beauty | 0:34
Cle de Peau Beaute | 1:05
Nars Cosmetics | 1:28
Rodial | 2:05
Prabal Gurung | 2:44
Rebecca Taylor | 3:17
Mother Denim | 3:42
Seafolly Australia | 4:04
Hermes | 4:31
Investing in your aesthetic | 4:54

Read more here → http://www.thelist.com/48885/luxury-brands-actually-worth-money/

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These 3 stocks to watch in April 2017 are on my list for different reasons. Two of the stocks to watch in April of 2017 are stocks that I expect will go up in value. The third stock to watch in April of 2017 is a stock that I feel is doomed. The stock market is unpredictable and in 2017 the stocks may go up or down. It is impossible to know for sure but we can make our best guess about the stock market in April of 2017.

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1. Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ AMD)

This is a repeat from last month, but for good reason! AMD has been one of the best performing stocks over the last year. The stock has had an unheard of rally over the last 18 months. The stock is currently trading at levels that have not been seen since 2006. Investors may want to keep an eye on AMD stock in April of 2017.

AMD is releasing a new line of CPU’s under the name Ryzen. Ryzen 7, the high end CPU family, was released on March 2nd sending the stock into a sell off as many investors planned to unload shares at the release to capitalize on the excitement. This sell off is not indicative of the performance of the CPU in my opinion. Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3 as well as the AMD RX Vega GPU have yet to be released. Ryzen 5, the mid range family of CPU’s, will be released this month on April 11th.

Intel has captured close to 95% market share of the CPU market, and if AMD becomes competitive in terms of price and performance they can regain lost market share. AMD doesn’t have to beat Intel, they just have to compete. AMD is balancing pricing and performance and they are in the early stages of a multi year turnaround.

2. Sears (NASDAQ SHLD)

My second stock to watch in April of 2017 is Sears. There are serious questions as to whether or not this retail giant can stay afloat. Sears holdings operates Sears as well as Kmart, neither are doing well. On Tuesday March 21st, Sears stated in a filing with the SEC that it has substantial doubt surrounding their ability to stay in business. Sears announced the closing of 150 stores in January and sold off one of their most valuable brands Craftsman Tools to Stanley Black & Decker.

Sears has posted losses every year since 2010. Sears posted a net loss of $2.2 Billion in 2016. They do not have the cash to continue burning cash at this rate. They may be unable to access cash under their credit agreement. Sears may soon be unable to pay for store inventory and other services vital to operations. Many investors are buying the dip in the stock and as a result the stock has more than doubled since the low in March. Sears is a stock to watch in April because investors should tread carefully.

3. Apple (NASDAQ AAPL)

The third stock to watch in April of 2017 is Apple. Apple has had an incredible year so far. This has largely been fueled by a strong holiday shopping season resulting in record quarterly earnings as well as revenue that exceeded Wall Street expectations. Apple revenue is expected to climb in the current quarter and CEO Tim Cook expressed excitement about the products in the pipeline.

One of the biggest reasons to consider an investment in Apple is because Warren Buffett has more than doubled his stake in Apple since the end of 2016. Buffett now owns around 133 million shares of Apple stock.

With a market cap of over $750B, Apple is the most valuable public company in the world. As of March 28th 2017, Apple is up 36% from 12 months ago, Apple is up 24% in 2017 alone and Apple is up 5% in the month of March. Investors are expecting another great month for Apple in April of 2017.

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From Last to First – An Amazing Sales Turnaround Story

From Last to First – An Amazing Sales Turnaround Story

SAP CEO Bill McDermott shares an amazing story where he took over sales in Puerto Rico, a territory that ranked last at the time. Within 12 months he turned it into the #1 territory in the U.S. This interview contains many golden nuggets about creating a vision and a strategy with a new sales team and how to help an organization rekindle unfulfilled dreams and lead people to the highest level of success. This video is part of a Selling Power magazine article that appeared in the March 2015 issue. To view a free copy of the magazine visit: http://content.yudu.com/A394lc/OCTSAMPLE
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