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We are a holding company with more than 30 years of experience.

We are a leading holding company with head office in New York. We focus on investing in media companies. We find underperforming media companies and invest in them to turn them into a profitable business. We have been in the business for the last eight years now. We are determined to contribute to the national economic growth and also become part of the global arena.

Our business is based on the following core principles:

Investment in high-performance brands: We invest in well-known brands as it has a greater chance of giving predictable earnings. We can have a positive growth trend.

Long-term investment approach: We look for businesses that have a strong management team. These businesses will be able to provide constant strong returns.

Focus on core growth: We focus on sectors where we can add values. We look for those media companies that have real demand.

Get value from underperforming businesses: We try to extract additional value from businesses that are under performing.


Network: We have a huge network of contacts with business leaders and government. This allows us to access positive investment opportunities. We can also manage similar assets with comfort.

These principles guide us with our investment opportunities. We can make a more informed decision by using these principles. We support humanitarian initiatives through our subsidiaries. We organize awareness programs, provide scholarships and support various charity organizations.

We offer job opportunities to talented people. If you are looking for a job or you want a financier for your project, send us an email with appropriate description of the project. We will be in touch with you soon and help you with your venture.